Team Information

Members of the Team gave odd days to the project when they could, whether it was one day per week, one day every two weeks or one day per month, some eventually becoming so dedicated that they have gone on to form the Yorkshire Helicopter Preservation Group (YHPG) when a second helicopter was obtained on loan from the same source as the first two Dragonflys.

The aim of the group is to obtain and preserve Helicopters, compile an archive of manuals, books, memorabilia and also a store of parts for future projects. 

At present the YHPG maintains the Dragonfly and is restoring two Whirlwind Mk 10’s, one of which is “live” and a Hydraulic Training Simulator. 

Dragonfly Restoration Team;    Ray “Mac” McElwain       Owner and team leader

                                                 Mike Fitch                        Engineer       1995-1998

                                                 Jonathon Fitch                “Apprentice”   1995-1997

                                                 Lee Norgate                     Instruments  1995

                                                 Steve Hague                   Engineer & Photographer 1995-1998

                                                 Alan Beattie                     Engineer        1997-1998

                                                 Dave Stewart                   Machining & Plating  1996-1998

                                                 Dave Merrikin                   Glazing                     1998

                                                 Graham Breeze                Engineer                   1998

                                                 Ernie Cranston                 Engineer                    1998

Many thanks go out to the businesses who sponsored the project by providing services and free materials.

If you would like to help the restoration efforts of the YHPG with funding, aircraft, parts, archive material or providing materials you can contact the Group on e-mail ; or write c/o Yorkshire Air Museum. Halifax Way, Elvington, York, England.

The Dragonfly Restoration Project has also helped to complete other Dragonflys by suppling FREE parts to,         Aviodome Museum, Holland

                                The Helicopter Museum, Weston Super Mare, England.

                                Royal Navy, RNAS Portland,  The first production model now in the FAA 

                                Museum. (RAF owned) and

                                Chatham Historic Dockyard Trust. (World Naval Base)

The remaining parts are to be used as an exhibit at YAM (centre framework, engine, gearbox and rotor head display) and to help with the rebuild of a further Dragonfly, presently on hold for lack of volunteers (anyone local interested?), at the North East Aircraft Museum, Sunderland, England

Ray McElwain;      Born; 6th October 1936, Isleworth, Middlesex

                              Educated; Blue School, Isleworth, Spring Grove Grammar and Smallberry

                                               Green Secondary Modern School, Isleworth.

On leaving school at 15, worked in a small engineering factory for 9 months until joining B.O.A.C. at London Airport as a Messenger with Stratocruisers & Constellations Fleet,

January 1954 Joined the RNVR on 1840 Squadron, Channel Air Division as a Junior Naval Airman, Leaving the Navy as an NAM(E) 1 in 1957, returned to B.O.A.C. to continue trade training as an improver until qualifying as a Ground Engineer on Stratocruisers, Constellations, DC7C’s and Britannias (Engines).

On leaving BOAC became the first English man to be employed by Findus Frozen Foods in the UK.

From 1970 to 1996 was in the Silk Screen Printing and Sign business until selling out and retiring. 

Other hobbies have included Scouting (from an early age), at one time becoming an Assistant District Commissioner (Air Activities), Long distance walking, Karate, often sitting on the British Karate Control Commission, Playing the Bagpipes with the Speedbird (British Airways) and Knightsbridge Pipe Bands, Flying (Private Pilots License), giving many young Scouts in the “Seventies” their first taste of flying, Cruising all the English Canals on a Narrowboat and is interested in Railways and the Industrial Heritage of Britain. 

Yorkshire Air Museum
Chatham Dockyard
The Helicopter Museum
FAA Museum