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Rollout Day

WH991 Ready for the Big Day

The roll-out took place on 27th September 1998 after delays involving permission to use the airfield for Aircraft and Helicopters flying in.

The ceremony was attended by a large number of Veterans of the Fleet Air Arm and other branches of the Royal Navy who “Marched Past” led by the City of York Pipes & Drums and 32 Standard Bearers.

The doors of the T2 Hangar were ceremoniously opened and WH 991 was towed out by a Flight Deck Tractor, (Specially restored for the occasion), to the tune of “Wings” by the Pipe Band.

The unveiling was carried out by the Royal Navy Regional Officer, Commodore Paul Sutermeister assisted by Mac.

Group 1 were all Ex- Dragonfly Crew, some having flown or flown in WH 991.

The City of York Pipe Band at one time included Mac in their ranks, who had, two years previously played Tenor Drum with them.

Three weeks after the Roll-out, Presenter Andy Kluz of Tyne Tees TV presented a feature on peoples “Obsessions” after spending most of a day filming, the result was a very well presented Helicopter Project

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Commodore Paul Sutermeister taking the salute

The Parade

Ready to Roll

WH991 driven out by Ray 'Mac' McElwain to the sound of Bagpipes

Removing the Flag

The rollout was witnessed by a large crowd.

The speeches (with crew at rear)

Pictures with the Lord Mayor of York


The Restoration Team

And the city of York Pipe Band

A final modification (not on the original specification) made by Ray's Team. To his obvious delight. A Rum holder (Ray's favorite tipple)

Setting up filming for TV

Ray being interviewed for TV

A happy threesome! Ray pictured here with his Wife Daphne, a part time widow to the Preservation efforts!