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Rotor Head & Internal Work

Rotor Head Finished March 1997

Once inside work began at high speed, all the Skin Panels were removed and three black plastic bags of birds nests, twigs, leaves and even a skeleton of a racing pigeon complete with leg ring were disposed of, the ring unfortunately lost before contact could be made with the owner.

Step by step, working down from the Rotor Head all internal parts were de-corroded, cleaned and re-painted.

On removal of the engine panels it was discovered that the engine was still inhibited and after 26 years outside could still be turned over with the turning handle.

The engine fitted is a 570 hp Alvis Leonides which makes WH991 a Mk 5 Dragonfly.

The framework, Internal Panels, Pipes and outer Framework were De-corroded, cleaned and painted prior to the outer panels being given the same treatment.


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Express Progress on Internal Work April 1997

Engine restored April 1997

New Tail Rotor Blades manufactured

And fitted