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Other Donors

WG718 donated by
Clive Forshaw

WG718 was lying on its side having at some time “fallen over”, it was later towed, still on its side, to where it is shown in the photographs on left.

The Rotor Blades were found lying in 4” (100mm) of water in a very poor state with the undercarriage units nearby.

Having had a look at the airframe the owner, Clive Forshaw was traced and he kindly donated it to the Project.

The second dragonfly WP503 was stored at Mac's factory (Raymac Display) in Malton North Yorkshire, whilst parts were recovered to help with the restoration and other projects. The starboard door, pilots seat and frames going to the aviodome museum, Holland.

Not suitable for a  restoration project because of major damage and lack of parts, WP503 was sold to a diving school at Capenwray nr. Carnforth in Lancashire where in the company of a portokabin and double decker bus it is used for rescue training etc. A suitable return to the rescue role.

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The Helicopter was in a worst state than WH991.

The Air intake

Tyre, Wheel and support used on WH991

WP503 Being Robbed
of parts by Ray 'MAC' McElwain

WP503 on its way to its final resting place at the bottom of a flooded quarry to help with diver training

To its soggy end!