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Body Work

Waiting for paint

One of the major tasks on the airframe was the replacement of rivets and 75% of the Dzus fastener springs.

The outer panels were given a trial fit before the framework was painted and when done, were fitted and the Helicopter given a final re-spray.

After 26 years of being out in the elements almost all of the perspex panelling were either missing, crazed and milky, or broken. With none available new moulds had to made and new panels moulded,  These were kindly sponsored by Amari Plastics PLC of Leeds who supplied the material and Appollo Plastics at Hull.

Once the Tail Boom lettering was completed this only left the Perspex Glazing to be fitted and she was ready for moving to the T2 hangar.

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Bodywork done September 1997

Panels Sprayed and ready to Fit

All Perspex Fitted

Masking the Decals Feb 1998

Masking the Decals Feb 1998

Tail Decals Complete